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May your night be spooky and your candy sweet. Until next year: Happy Halloween!


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October 2020 Video List

For those of you who've already had all of the real-life horror you can take in this Our Year of Cascading Disasters, most of these videos will be relatively tame, horror-wise.

  1. Eddie Izzard "Horror Movies" Sketch From Unrepeatable by Eddie Izzard
  2. The Joker vs Pennywise. Epic Rap Battles Of History by ERB
  3. Less Than Human by The Animation Workshop
  4. This week's video on The Happy Page: DIY Halloween Hats for Kittens!
  5. MONSTER PROBLEMS - Halloween Short Film by ArieScope
  6. "THE DANCING DEAD" - DANIEL CLOUD CAMPOS by Daniel Cloud Campos (this one has outtakes!)
  7. Forgetful Bats - a quarantine short film by Blue Kite Cinema
  8. Father Figurine by Omeleto
  9. Night of the Slasher by Screamfest
  10. Third Shift by VampireFilmFestival
  11. This week's video on The Happy Page: #CakeSlayer Halloween: GOTHIC WEDDING CAKE
  12. 3D Animated Short **PATCHWORK** by MadArtistPublishing
  13. CGI 3D Animated Short: "Sailor's Delight" by TheCGBros
  14. THE OTHER THING | Award-winning Short Film by Trevor Mayes
  15. Trunk Space by Omeleto
  16. Missing Halloween by Mike Inel
  17. Meow | Short Film | Crypt TV by Crypt TV
  18. This week's video on The Happy Page: Poor Unfortunate Souls | Harry Potter style
  19. Top 5 Most Terrifying Monsters In Literature by Top 5 Scary Videos
  20. Are H.P. Lovecraft's Mythos Actual Myth? — H.P. Lovecraft Series by Tale Foundry
  21. Slender Man: How The Internet Created a Monster | Monstrum by Storied
  22. Siren Head and The Found Footage Art of Trevor Henderson by Solar Sands
  23. Vampires: Folklore, fantasy and fact - Michael Molina by TED-Ed
  24. So Pretty by Wonderous Movies
  25. This week's video on The Happy Page: ◆Happy Halloween (arrange.ver)◆
  26. Halloween Music - "A Broom With A View" by Kristen Lawrence
  27. Epic Halloween Medley by Peter Hollens
  28. "Hide and Seek" (Vocaloid) English ver by Lizz Robinett by Lizz Robinett
  29. What Goes Around Comes Around - The Villains Lair (Ep 1) A Disney Villains Musical by PattyCake Productions
  30. Spooky Halloween Mashup - Come Little Children & The Hanging Tree by Peter Hollens & Bailey Pelkman
  31. Disney Halloween Mashup (feat. Voctave) by Paint


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Due to the nature of YouTube, some videos that were in previous years' playlists may no longer be available.

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